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Midlink Marketing Ltd is a supplier of products to:

➡️ Power, Telecom and Water utilities

➡️ Mining, Sugar, Fuel, and other manufacturing industries

➡️ Hardware and Industrial wholesalers and retailers in the region

➡️ Major supermarket and home-wares store chains in Fiji

Some of our major clients include: Telecom Fiji Ltd, Energy Fiji Ltd, Airports Fiji Ltd, Fiji Sugar Corporation, Vodafone Fiji Ltd, Samoatel Ltd, Electric Power Corporation Samoa, Tonga Communications Corporation, etc.


  • MV & HV cables
  • Cable accessories
  • Wiring accessories, switches, power points & surge protectors
  • Facility protection materials


Supply of Earthing, Surge, and Lightning Protection products from Erico to Telecom Fiji Ltd and Bluesky Samoatel

  • Copper & Fibre cables
  • Earthing & Surge
  • Telepower products
  • Installation accessories


We supply TECHNICAL HARDWARE manufactured by major international brands.


→ Sutton

→ Rigimex Germany

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