Who We Are

💡About Us

➡️ Midlink Marketing PTE LTD is a family-owned business that began representing international manufacturers and distributors in the South West Pacific in 1986.  Our founder leveraged 2 decades of trading experience into his own vision for a local business bringing world class quality products and services to local markets.

➡️The business represents manufacturers and distributors of high quality products and services in the ELECTRICAL, HARDWARE AND CONSTRUCTION and TELECOMMUNICATIONS markets. It operates as a remote Sales and Marketing team for our principals.

💡Bringing the World to the Pacific

➡️We are industry leaders in the introduction of new technologies to our markets, and our commitment to product support and training is unrivaled. Our team of trained professionals have the expertise and knowledge to assist from specification to installation and commissioning.We are renowned for providing hands on service, creating unparalleled value propositions for our principals and clients alike.  

➡️The Midlink business is managed by Arshad Daud who trained under the founder, his father who instilled the belief that ‘the best people get the best results’.Midlink’s current senior management team brings a combined 70 years of experience of working with industry leaders in the electrical, hardware & construction and telecommunications industries, bringing the world’s best products and solutions to our markets.