About Us

Linking the Pacific to International Standard Products

Midlink Marketing Ltd are business-to-business (B2B) distributors of Electrical, Telecommunications and Hardware products in Fiji and the Pacific. We generally operate as a remote sales and marketing team for our principals, acting as an international manufacturer’s representative or indent agent to our markets.

As a family-owned business, we focus on providing the best technological solutions at the right price. Managed by Arshad Daud, the company currently has 12 employees.

Because ‘solutions’ are what matters

Providing quality products is only half the answer. What happens once these critical products make their way to your company’s facility? Installation and technical support are what truly ensures success. Midlink Marketing draws on our years of technical expertise and the additional and powerful support offered by our suppliers to reinforce winning outcomes in our markets.

We regularly provide training upon installation on the correct use and maintenance of our products that deliver a final result, leaving you feeling that you are always in the best hands you can find.